Apr 282016
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Configure Dynamic Data Masking using Azure SQL Database portal

In the last blog we got a basic introduction of Dynamic Data Masking feature in this blog post we’ll see how to configure Dynamic Data Masking on Azure SQL Database using Azure Portal. For the purpose of testing this feature I just provisioned a new database named DDM_sarab on Azure and create a simple Customer [Read More]

Apr 252016
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The first thing you must do after creating your Azure SQL Database is to configure Firewall rules. To help protect your data Azure prevents all connections to your Azure SQL Database until and unless a Server\Database firewall rule exists. It is Azure’s way to reduce the surface area & secure your Databases. Your connection gets [Read More]

Apr 152016
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Dynamic Data Masking is a great new feature introduced in Azure SQL Database and SQL Server 2016 to mask the data in selected columns containing sensitive data with minimum impact to the application. The beauty of the feature is, it masks sensitive data in the result set while the data remains same (unchanged) in the [Read More]

Apr 122016
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As we already discussed SQLAzure is an offering under Microsoft Azure umbrella as PaaS (Platform as a service) & there are limitations of using SQLAzure (SQLDatabase) over SQLServer in Azure VM (or on-premise SQLServer) I am listing down all the limitations under specific headings which will help you prepare accordingly and decide before shooting the arrow (Making the [Read More]

Apr 072016
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How to create a new database using SQLAzure?

Hi Friends, in the last post we summarized the main differences between running your workload on SQLAzure and SQLServer on Azure VM. In this post we’ll see how to create a new database using SQLAzure? You must have an Azure subscription in order to start provisioning your own databases using SQLAzure, If you don’t have [Read More]

Apr 062016
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Pro-Tip | How to get a free trial of Azure subscription?

Do you want to learn and explore Azure? Obviously yes, that’s the next big thing out there and after all, everybody is talking about Cloud so why not dive into this coolest thing and try it out. But to explore Azure Subscription. If you want to start playing with Azure but billing is holding you [Read More]

Apr 042016
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If you want to use SQL Database in Azure you get two options: either deploy it on SQLAzure or SQL Server running in Azure VM, both options provide SQL Database however, there is a lot of difference in feature set, compatibility, manageability & behavior of both. Let’s take a look at some basic difference between [Read More]

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