Oct 132016
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On 12th October 2016 (yesterday) Microsoft announced General Availability (GA) of Temporal Tables in Azure SQL Database. You can use temporal tables to track the full history of data changes directly in Azure SQL Database, without the need for custom coding. With temporal tables, you can see your data as of any point in the past [Read More]

Aug 052016
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04th August was a great day for many people who were waiting for this amazing feature since long. Microsoft announced (General Availability) GA Azure Active Directory authentication for SQL Database and SQL Data Warehouse. You can use Azure Active Directory (Azure AD) authentication to manage the identities of database users and other Microsoft services in one [Read More]

Jul 082016
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On 7th July Microsoft announced (General availability of) GA Always Encrypted for Azure SQL Database. Always Encrypted aims at enabling you to confidently store sensitive information, such as credit card numbers or government identification numbers, in Azure SQL Database. Always Encrypted helps ensure that sensitive data is encrypted and decrypted inside client applications or application [Read More]

May 132016
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Microsoft announced (General Availability) GA Azure SQL Database elastic pools on 12th May 2016. Azure SQL Database elastic pools are ideally suited for SaaS and line-of-business applications that need the performance, availability, and security isolation benefits of provisioning one database for each tenant or application. Each elastic database in the pool gets the resources it needs [Read More]

May 122016
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Microsoft announced new compatibility level 130 for new Azure SQL Databases on 10th May 2016. Azure SQL Database runs millions of databases under several different T-SQL versions, preserving backward compatibility for applications. SQL Database implements a versioning technique called “compatibility level.” The compatibility levels are: SQL Server 2008 and SQL Database v11: 100 SQL Server 2012: 110 SQL [Read More]

May 012016
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On 29th April 2016 Microsoft announced Active Geo-replication available on all Azure SQL Database service tiers. Effective immediately, we’ve expanded our geo-replication features by enabling Active geo-replication across Azure SQL Database Basic and Standard service tiers. As a result, Standard geo-replication will be retired in April 2017. By using Active geo-replication in either a Basic database or [Read More]

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