Oct 142016
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Monitor Active Geo Replication

If you want to know Active Geo Replication from scratch you can read its introduction, the step by step how to configure Active Geo Replication, steps to fail-over & most important Active Geo Replication process deepdive. Once you know the concept you are good to implement it in your own environment. But implementation is just [Read More]

Sep 302016
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Benefits of using latest SSMS

Microsoft released a new version of SQL Server Management studio. This is an integrated environment for managing, administering, developing and accessing all components of SQL Server & offers all latest cloud feature integration. This is compatible with all supported previous versions of SQL Server starting from SQL Server 2008 till SQL Server 2016 & SQLAzure. [Read More]

Jul 272016
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Active Geo Replication is a new feature and not many of you are aware about the internals, it’s not that hard to configure it using Azure portal or to initiate the failover however, there are quite a few things which you must be aware of before using this for your most critical databases. Lack of [Read More]

Jul 202016
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Import Export of Column Master Key using CertMgr

Import Export of Column Master Key is a very critical step if your application is not hosted on the same database server. If not done properly the purpose of configuring Always Encrypted might get defeated. You must plan to keep your Column Master Key away from Database Server. This blog is for those who choose [Read More]

Jul 172016
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Always Encrypted Wizard Log Report

If you are also amazed at How Always Encrypted works for existing table then this blog may help you find some more details as to what really happens under the hood when we configure always encrypted for a table which has already got some data and how to get Always Encrypted Wizard Log Report. It looks like [Read More]

Jul 132016
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Configure Always Encrypted on existing table with data

In the First blog post, we understood the basic concept of Always Encrypted, different keys and the available Encryption types and then in the second post we saw different limitations and not supported column types in Always Encrypted. Now in this blog post let’s see how the actual implementation to see how to configure Always Encrypted [Read More]

Jul 112016
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In the last blog post, we understood the basic concept of Always Encrypted, different keys and the available Encryption types. In this blog post we’ll see different Limitations of Always Encrypted feature, in-case you want to move to actual Implementation steps click here to know how to configure Always Encrypted on existing table with data.   Tool Limitations SQL Server [Read More]

Jul 082016
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Always Encrypted is a new features introduced in Azure SQL Database and SQL Server 2016. Encryption is not new to SQL Server, it was introduced in SQL Server 2005 but this feature provides by far the best possible security for all those data owners who have outsourced the work to manage their servers to a [Read More]

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