Jun 022016
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AT Time Zone – Convert timezone directly using SQL

Globalization brings new opportunities and enhance economic growth to any business, but along with all the goodness it also brings complexity to manage different time zones. One has to be always on toes to match different times. but what if you’ve got an application\code where you have to convert timezone within SQL Server data? If [Read More]

May 312016
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Find End-Of-Month (EOMONTH) date from SQL

Hi Friends, have you ever struggled to find the end of the month date; I know its not a big deal you can get it from Calendar but what if you need that date for some business logic of yours? May be for Invoice processing or some other scheduling within SQL Server and you want [Read More]

May 132016
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Must know facts before configuring Dynamic Data Masking

Dynamic data masking is yet another feature of Microsoft to ease your life and provide you out of the box capabilities which decrease the overall time to market for your applications. You don’t have to code the way you had to do it earlier to achieve it. But there are things you must know before configuring [Read More]

May 102016
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All about Dynamic Data Masking security

If you are not aware about Dynamic Data Masking, I would recommend you to first read Dynamic Data Masking Intro, How to configure Dynamic Data Masking using Azure SQL Database portal or Using T-SQL. Reading these links will help you understand this feature better. let’s see All about Dynamic Data Masking security.   All about Dynamic [Read More]

May 062016
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Right Azure storage replication for SQL Data Log file

As we know starting SQL Server 2014 we can easily place our SQL Data and log files in Azure, it is indispensable to choose Right Azure storage replication for SQL Data & Log file – to know more click here to know about the feature to place SQL Data & Log Files on Azure, click here [Read More]

May 032016
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Configure Dynamic Data Masking using T-SQL

In last few blogs about Dynamic Data Masking we got the basic understanding of the topic & how to configure Dynamic Data Masking using Azure SQL Database portal. In this blog we’ll configure Dynamic Data Masking using T-SQL Scripts on Azure SQL Database. Before we begin anything you must get some basic idea about the [Read More]

Apr 152016
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Dynamic Data Masking is a great new feature introduced in Azure SQL Database and SQL Server 2016 to mask the data in selected columns containing sensitive data with minimum impact to the application. The beauty of the feature is, it masks sensitive data in the result set while the data remains same (unchanged) in the [Read More]

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