Jul 082016
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On 7th July Microsoft announced (General availability of) GA Always Encrypted for Azure SQL Database. Always Encrypted aims at enabling you to confidently store sensitive information, such as credit card numbers or government identification numbers, in Azure SQL Database. Always Encrypted helps ensure that sensitive data is encrypted and decrypted inside client applications or application [Read More]

Jul 012016
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Active Geo Replication Failover

In last couple of blogs we learned the basics of Active Geo Replication, how to configure Active Geo Replication using Azure Portal and verified the replication working. In this blog post Active Geo Replication Failover we’ll see how to manually initiate the failover process using Azure portal.   How to Failover Active Geo Replication Initiating [Read More]

Jun 252016
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Recover deleted Azure SQL Database

  Yes, it’s true. You can indeed recover deleted Azure SQL database during the retention period for the SQL Database automated backups for your service tier. To know more about automated backups and retention period refer this post. Database recovery is possible but there are a few caveats like: You can restore the deleted database [Read More]

Jun 232016
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Copy Azure SQL Database Deep-dive

If you are supporting Azure you might have to copy Azure SQL Database, In-fact sometimes this becomes a daily task at big\dynamic environments. So before its too late, let’s learn the process inside-out to perform this confidently. (In-case you’re just a beginner and don’t know how to create\provision Azure SQL Database kindly refer this post) [Read More]

Jun 152016
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Verify Active Geo Replication

In the last couple of blogs we learned the basic intro about the Active Geo Replication and also learned step-by-step how to configure Active Geo Replication using Azure Portal. In this post we will cross verify Active Geo Replication whether it is working or not & if the secondary database is read only or in [Read More]

Jun 102016
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Configure Active Geo Replication using Azure portal

In the last blog post we learned the basic concepts of Active Geo Replication, in this blog we’ll see how to configure Active Geo Replication using Azure portal. We’ll go step-by-step and see each and every step in detail. Let’s begin. A few things to note: Please make a note, that you must be the [Read More]

Jun 072016
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MS introduced new Database scoped configurations in SQL Azure (V12) and SQL Server 2016; Need for new Database Scoped Configurations Have you ever faced a situation where one of the database requirements are totally different from other like MAXDOP settings and you wanted to set a different MAXDOP for a single DB; or you wanted [Read More]

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